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Fabulous smiles come in all shapes and sizes, but the common thread is that we all want to feel great about the way we present ourselves to others. Cosmetic Dentistry is not a “one size fits all” endeavor. Dr. Nichols believes in Facially Generated Esthetics as a means of bringing out the most cosmetically pleasing nuances of an individual’s smile. This can often be achieved by utilizing minimally invasive and conservative techniques to improve the shape and color of your natural teeth. Technology has greatly improved our ability to achieve individually ideal esthetic results and Dr. Nichols believes strongly in maximizing these techniques. But this can only work by listening intently and paying close attention to each patient’s chief concerns and working as a team with the patient and quality laboratories to achieve their desired results.

Metal Free Fillings

New advances in composite resin filling materials and computer milled porcelains have greatly advanced the scope of cosmetic dentistry and eliminated the need in most circumstances for any metals to be used during the restorative process. “tooth-colored” or bonded composite fillings not only offer the cosmetic appearance of highly polished natural enamel, but new advances in micro and nano filled resins have greatly increased their strength. This allows them to be used on front teeth with optimal esthetic outcomes, as well as a means of replacing worn out metal/mercury fillings without compromising strength or longevity. The bonding process also allows for high retentive strength in more conservative preparations. Meaning more of your natural tooth is preserved to support the filling.


Technological advances have also helped create a process of veneering teeth with less preparation and frequently no anesthetic. A veneer is a thin porcelain covering that is made by a lab using an impression of your prepared teeth. They can create ideal esthetic contours and shades for chipped,

misshapen or discolored teeth, as well as a means of closing unwanted spaces without braces. Traditionally this involves anesthesia and the removal of some tooth structure to accommodate the thickness of the veneer.

Lumineers are extra thin veneers that maintain the strength of traditional veneers while also creating the cosmetic enhancements patients desire.  Because of the advanced porcelain utilized with Lumineers, they can often be created with minimal to no removal of tooth structure and without anesthetic.  Ask us about a free consult to determine if the smile of your dreams utilizing Lumineers is the right choice for you.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom is an “in-office” technique for whitening or bleaching teeth. It eliminates the need for impressions and do-it-yourself home tray systems. In about an hour we can get the bright results using Zoom that take home treatments can get over a period of weeks. Your teeth and tissues are isolated and the whitening material is gently applied to your teeth. A safe high intensity LED light is positioned over your teeth which painlessly polymerizes the whitening material, removing stains and whitening your enamel. The process does not change your tooth structure, it merely penetrates the surface to remove the organic particles from food, age and beverages that caused your teeth to darken. Some mild temperature sensitivity can arise in a minority of patients that can be easily managed and rarely lasts more than a day. If whiter teeth today is something you have waited long enough for, contact our appointment coordinator and they will be happy to set up a free consultation.

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