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Your gums and the other tissues that support your teeth are like the foundation of your house. They are critical components to not only the health of your teeth, but also your overall well being.

The bacteria that can cause gum disease and infection rarely produce significant symptoms until they have progressed significantly, and have been found to exacerbate heart disease, diabetes and other systemic diseases. So whether it’s routine prophylaxis or more involved therapies, we never consider it “ just a cleaning”. Maintenance of your supporting hard and soft tissues are the cornerstones of long lasting restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Nichols takes the time to thoroughly evaluate the health of all your tissues and how their condition may affect your treatment and eventual outcomes.

 This includes:

● Comprehensive periodontal screening and evaluation

● Oral Cancer Screenings

● Scaling and Root Planing

● Gum Surgery and Biopsies

● Periodontal Maintenance Programs

● Local Antibiotic Therapies

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