Give Your Replacement Teeth an Excellent Foundation

You can enjoy the beauty and strength of your smile by pairing your dental restorations with implants. You’ll have better oral health and your new teeth will stay in place like natural teeth. Dr. Nichols can place and restore your implants right here at Advanced Dental Concepts.
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Take a step toward a healthier and brighter future with a team that puts you first. We’ll never judge you for the state of your smile. Instead, you’ll find a partner in dental care that wants the best for you and your oral health. As our patient, you can:
  • Beautify your smile with cosmetic treatments
  • Afford dental care with our membership club
  • Expect short waiting times & fun amenities
  • Enjoy the convenience of Saturday hours
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Invest in Your Smile with Dental Implants in Laguna Beach

With the warm California sun shining down on you, you can’t help but show off your smile. But if you have experienced tooth loss, you might not feel confident about how your teeth look to others. Dr. Nichols can help you. He has the experience and expertise to place and restore your dental implants in Laguna Beach.
Patients from all walks of life have come to our office for implants. By investing in your smile, you are investing in your oral health. Whether you need one or several teeth replaced, implants will:
  • Provide a strong foundation for a healthier bite
  • Improve your oral function for better dental health
  • Allow you to enjoy life more with a better-looking smile
Dr. Nichols would love to restore what is missing from your smile. Call (949) 296-4599 to schedule a consultation.
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Find the Implant Option 
to Make Your Smile Shine

Even if you’ve just lost a single tooth, your jaw begins to break down without a tooth root present. With implants, you gain an artificial tooth root that fuses into your jaw naturally to restore what you’ve been missing. This keeps your jaw strong and healthy. We offer:

  • Single crown with an implant to replace a single tooth
  • Dental bridge supported by implants to avoid modifying healthy teeth
  • Implant-supported dentures that stay firmly in place without adhesive

As you can tell, implants aren’t just for dentures! Call now at (949) 296-4599 to schedule your consultation.

Discover the 
Benefits of Implants

Life isn’t quite the same with tooth loss or slippery dentures, You might have to skip your favorite restaurants, and you may worry about how your teeth look when you speak in front of others.
With dental implants, you can:
  • Enjoy your favorite meals without feeling self-conscious
  • Avoid bone loss that occurs with missing teeth
  • Show off your beautifully restored smile
  • Pursue new opportunities with more confidence
Start on your path toward a healthier smile by calling us at (949) 296-4599 for a consultation.
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Enjoy a Comfortable 
Experience at Our Practice

At Advanced Dental Concepts, we focus on providing a relaxing environment while meeting your dental health needs. Dr. Nichols can place and restore your implants with the same expertise as an oral surgeon.

For your implant procedure, you can:

  • Expect excellent results thanks to our advanced technology
  • Stay calm and relaxed with sedation options, including IV sedation
  • Feel at ease with amenities like iPads and massage chairs


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